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If you, or someone you know, is looking to buy or sell a home, please  contact me for a free market analysis in your area today! I look forward to guiding you through the home buying or selling process with knowledge, integrity and honesty!



Some real estate agents have friendly, engaging personalities. Some inspire a feeling of trust. Some agents love their work, and are really smart. Some pay attention to the little details. Some have long experience, and the art and skills required in pricing a property. Some convey confidence that they will handle all the negotiations with ease and knowledge, and good advice. Some agents are easy to approach, and invite your questions and differing points of view. Some establish a partnership with the client in the business of selling a home.
Jim Pottruff is all of these, and more.

We approached the business of selling our house with extreme caution because of disappointment with past experience. Our strategy this time was to draw up a list of agents based on personal recommendations as well as advertising, and arrange interviews. We compiled a long list of questions, hoping to clear up areas of our concern and confusion. Several agents “scored well” on our question list, and the choice was hard, but in the end our instincts then narrowed it down to Jim, and we’ve never regretted the choice.

We felt Jim wanted to get to the core of things—the features our property offered, how we felt about our house and the area we lived in, what our thoughts were on how to reach the kind of people who would respond positively to our house and surrounding, and how to price it realistically with respect to the current market conditions, size and type of house, and area. Jim always gave us well thought-out reasons for his point-of-view, and explained things in a way we could understand. Decisions were reached after full agreement.

We could short-list a number of agents we were happy to meet and talk with, or we could give you the one name at the top of that list with whom we personally connected, and that would be Jim Pottruff. We also feel we have made a new friend.

Highly recommeded!
T & J Yarkut


Have been dealing with them coming up to thirty years and you would not find another Realtor that is honest and will work for you and with you to find the house you are wanting to purchase. Don’t take my word, call them and give them a chance, They have been in business a long time and there name speaks for them . You are making the right choice~

Patricia Thompson


Jim has helped us buy two homes and sell two homes over the last 20 years. There is nobody else we would want on our team going into a deal. We are always confident that Jim will represent exactly what we want and do everything he can to make it happen! He even listens to our difficult requests and is always available when we need him. Jim is to real estate like Doug Gilmour was to the Leafs. Gilmour gave you hope at a time when you needed it most, just like Jim does!

Shari Baago


We just sold our house with the help of Jim Pottruff. When we decided to sell our house, we went shopping for a real estate broker. We met with four different agents. Of the four, Jim was the only broker who came prepared with a pricing presentation of similar houses sold and listed in our area. Jim acted professionally and humbly personal with us. He was very patient with us, as it was the first time that we were the house sellers.  We felt that he honestly wanted to listen to us. Jim was forthright in discussing fees and easy to work with. Jim gave excellent suggestions to us that he felt would improve the marketability of our house. When we signed with Jim, we felt confident that we had made the right decision. Jim supported us in our choice to list at a higher than market value price for our house. He took excellent pictures that really flattered the home (I even asked Jim for copies of the pictures for our family album). Our house was listed on the Monday and brought a solid offer that first Friday. Jim was perfect in acting as our agent in the negotiations, explaining and easing the process for us with his personal touch. We ended selling our home at 98 percent of our asking price.

Most people we talked to when we first decided to sell our house seemed to resent the percentages that are paid to the agents. In our case, we do not begrudge paying Jim, we feel that we got top dollar for our house because of his efforts on our behalf.

We would not hesitate in recommending Jim Pottruff to anyone selling their house. We feel that he is definitely the right man for the job. We are taking our time in choosing our next house and will be using Jim as our agent when we are ready to search and buy.

Sincerely Ron and Beverley Pierce



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